Epsilon Omega Omega Local History

Serving the Middle Georgia Community for 71 years

A Vision Fair

It was with the hopes, sweat, and tears along with the dreams and prayers of eleven young ladies, that they could establish a chapter in Macon, GA. Four of them had recently graduated from college, where they were members of Alpha Beta Chapter. The others had completed college much earlier. They all had joined Gamma Pi Omega Chapter at Ft. Valley, GA.

We all enjoyed some beautiful fellowship and experienced some pleasurable moments working on community projects with the Ft. Valley Chapter; however, we had a sincere desire to bring some of these successful activities to Macon, and in the meantime, not have to continue traveling to Ft. Valley.

So after many hours of communication with the Supreme Basileus, Executive Secretary and others and with the untiring efforts and cooperation of Soror Mayme Williams, the Regional Director, the dream of establishing a chapter was fastly becoming reality.

On a beautiful spring afternoon on May 3, 1952 at the Georgia Training School for Girls at Camp Wheeler Road, Epsilon Omega Omega was chartered.

from the archives of Soror Eddye Mae Booth

Local History

Epsilon Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. was established in Macon, Georgia on May 3, 1952. On that day, eleven members of Gamma Pi Omega and Alpha Beta Chapters of Fort Valley, Georgia met with the  Regional Director, Mayme E. Williams of Miami, Florida. The Chartering Ceremony was held in the Reception Room of the Georgia Training School for Girls located on Camp Wheeler Road in Macon, GA. The chartering members were Palmira Braswell, Addie C. Brewer, Eddye Mae Booth, Gladys Dudley, Ruth Johnston, Ada L. Price, Lottie Price, Margaret Sheftall, Ruth Stevenson, Aquilla J. Thompson, and Martha Ann Wheeler. Since the chartering of the chapter over sixty-five years ago, the  membership has grown from eleven to nearly one hundred active members who reside in Bibb, Baldwin, Hancock, Jones, Twiggs, and Wilkinson Counties.

Chartering Members

Palmira Braswell*
Addie C. Brewer*
Lottie Price*
Eddye Mae Booth
Margaret Sheftall*
Gladys Dudley*
Ruth Stevenson*
Ruth Johnston*
Aquilla J. Thompson*
Ada L. Price*
Martha Ann Wheeler*

First Chapter Officers

Basileus — Ruth Stevenson*
Anti-Basileus — Eddye Mae Booth
Grammateus — Ruth Johnston*
Tamiouchous — Lottie Price*

First Initiates

The first initiation was held in 1953 with two candidates

Pearline Goldsboro*
Moneta Price*

Past and Present Chapter Presidents

1952                 Ruth Stevens*
1953-1957        Eddye Mae Booth
1958-1959        Ruth Johnston*
1960-1961        Joyce Simonton*
1962-1963        Valeria Williams*
1964-1965        Margaret Dyer*
1966-1967        Frances Moses*
1968-1969        Sherrell Nelson Hart*
1970-1971        Gwen Williams*
1972-1973        Valeria Williams*
1974-1975        Betty R. Gibbs*
1976-1977        Samuella Humphrey*
1978-1979        Eva Bonner*
1980-1983        Palmira Braswell*
1984-1985        Esther Fussell
1986-1989        Dolores Jones
1990-1993        Viki Miller*
1994-1997        Wanda West
1998-2001        Verneda Appling
2002-2005        Kelda Cubit
2006-2009        Gwen Bell*
2010-2013        Sekema Harris Harmon
2014-2017       Cynthia Reese
2018-2021      Brenda Youmas
2022-Current    Tanya G. Allen